FOTO - Napustila crkvu pa popularnost stekla online


FOTO - Napustila crkvu pa popularnost stekla online

Nekadašnja pastorica Nikol Mičel (Nikole Mitchell) (36) postala je hit na internetu nakon što je crkvu zamijenila društvenim mrežama i jednom posve drugačijom karijerom.

S oltara je preselila na Instagram, a zatim i na aplikaciju "OnlyFans", gdje njeni pratitelji plaćaju kako bi gledali njezine privatne fotografije i videouratke. 

Mičel je kazala kako je odgojena u strogoj kršćanskoj porodici, no da je u nekom trenutku shvatila kako to više nije život koji je ispunjava te da osjeća kako joj je takav svjetonazor 'ugušio snove'.

Priznala je uskoro kako je biseksualna, počela se baviti erotskim plesom, a na društvenim je mrežama brzo pronašla zainteresirane za sadržaj koji objavljuje. Iako je golišavih fotografija na internetu sasvim dovoljno i bez Nikol, u njezinom je slučaju presudila dijametralno suprotna životna prošlost te velika preobrazba, koje su joj donijele popularnost.


I promise you: the more you are you, the easier it gets, and the more rewarded you are. People might not understand you at first. They might judge you, make assumptions, and even lob unfair accusations and hurtful words to you. BUT THEY ARE ONLY REACTING TO THEIR OWN FEARS AND LIMITATIONS. It literally has nothing to do with you. So keep your head up. Stay in your lane. Keep shining bright. And it WILL get easier, the world will take notice, and people will LOVE you for it. I'm writing up a post now about how the very things I used to be judged for are the very things I get paid to do now, and it's the best feeling in the world. Not to mention the joke's on the haters now.😏 So don't give up. Don't back down. Your authentic, wildly free and badass self is the very thing this world needs - and is inspiring wayyyy more people than all the naysayers combined. Love you. Proud of you. Let us see more of you. XoXo. P.S. Want support in your unleashing? Then join me in my mastermind or work with me 1:1! Links in my bio!😚 📸:

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Pause and say this out loud over yourself: I am safe. I am loved. I am held. I am free. I am exactly who I’m meant to be. I get to lead with ease. Launch with ease. Make money with ease. Receive love with ease. Attract fame with ease. Experience success with ease. It all gets to be fun, flowy, and free. Anything and everything I do WORKS. I always get the results that I want. I always exceed my goals and expectations. It all gets better and better, easier and more magical. Nothing and no one has power over me. Nothing and no one has power over my joy, happiness, peace, purpose, or prosperity. I am the one operating at cause. I am the one calling the shots. I am the one who’s creating my reality. So therefore anything I want I can have because I am the motherfucking source. There is nothing I can’t be, do, or have. My power is limitless. My potential infinite. My purpose eternal. My passion unstoppable. I am the motherfucking prize and what is for me cannot miss me. I get to have it all. I DO have it all. I give thanks for it all. Because I am worthy of it all. A-fucking-men. (Want to see more photos like these? Then smash that Only Fans link in my bio!😘) 📸: @allthingsboudoir

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Not all Karens are Karens🤗 A neighbor left this note on our front step yesterday and it honestly brought tears to my eyes! We live in a very conservative, pro-Trump county so to receive love and support from a neighbor you don’t know took me by surprise and meant so much to me! So last night after dinner, my 4yo and I took a walk to find her house (she left her address) and got to meet her and her beautiful family. When I got home, my 10yo asked me, “Did you ask her to coffee mom?!”😄 This girl knows I love me some quality time with people who get it. Don’t underestimate the ways you let your little light shine - whether it’s putting up a sign or writing a note - it moves people.❤️ 📸: @krazedphotography

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“I’m doing the best I can.” These words came tumbling out of my heart tonight as I stroked my 4yo’s face, with a tear managing to escape and slide down my cheek. I was snuggling him at bedtime tonight when he climbed on top of me and decided that that was the perfect spot to fall asleep. With his big toddler body sprawled on top of me and my arms caressing his face and arms, I started thinking about how he came as a surprise baby. He wasn’t planned AT ALL... but he or God or both of them decided he was meant to be here. So along he came, whether or not I wanted him to.😅😂😊 Fast forward to tonight with him sleeping on my chest, and my heart so badly wanted him to know I’m doing the best I can. Parenting is hard. Parenting in the midst of a divorce is even harder. Parenting in the midst of a divorce while in a global pandemic... is unprecedented. This isn’t to garner pity in any way, but rather to share a glimpse into my human experience.❤️ I get tired. And I feel mom guilt. And there’s always this feeling that I’m not spending enough quality time with each of my kiddos. (because 24/7 during a pandemic isn’t enough?🤦🏽‍♀️😅). So tonight, with my 4yo’s sleeping body on top of me, my heart yearned for him to know that I’m doing the best I can. I make mistakes. I yearn to do better. But this is the best I can do. And somehow I feel like this is a message for all of us. Because really, we’re all doing the best we can. We all wish we could better but what we’re doing is enough. It really is. So from one mama’s heart to all others, may you know you are enough, you’re doing enough, and it is all enough. Everything is going to be okay. Xoxo, The mom stuck under her 4yo’s sleeping body❤️❤️❤️ (Photo of my 4yo snuggling me at the beach yesterday and a video of him turning around to tell me he loves me ❤️😭❤️. Everything really is going to be okay.)

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This isn’t about manipulating people or systems to get an end result. It’s about ALLOWING yourself to have what you want: a bigger reach, a bigger influence, a bigger income, and the kind of opportunities you dream of. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more. But as long as you tell yourself a story of why it’s selfish to want more or that you’re shallow for desiring a bigger following or more money or an upgrade in life, you will not let yourself have what you want. This is why just doing the practical steps isn’t enough. You have to address the story you’re telling yourself! ***You have to address things energetically if you want things to work practically.*** This is the heart, energy, and design behind Monday’s LIVE training. We are going to address the energetic and the practical. We are going to tell you a better and truer story, one that serves you and empowers you. We’re going to dive deep into mindset and methods that allow you to have it all. Yes, this is about growing your IG following. But it’s also so much more. It’s about becoming the person who knows how to magnetically draw all things to you. It’s about trusting your desires and knowing they’re leading you to where you want to go. It’s about allowing your life to get better and better and letting the Universe delight you with how good it can get. It’s about being the fullest expression of yourself and being massively rewarded in return. This training is going to heal, uplevel, and transform so many people AND get you the followers you want. Ready for that? Then sign up in my bio. I got you! 📸: @wsierraphotography

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3 more manifestation stories for you.🔥 1. We were at a fancy restaurant on the beach last night and when we were told it was a 90 minute wait, I looked to my friends and said,”We’ll manifest it faster than that.” 20 minutes later our table was ready.😎 /// 2. We went to a Louis Vuitton store and when we were told that the waiting list was packed and we wouldn’t be able to get in the store that day, I smiled and said, “Oh, we’re getting in. We’ll manifest it.” The employee smiled and said okay then and put our names on the waiting list. Less than an hour later, we were invited to shop at the store. Because of course.😏 /// 3. As you all know, Mastering the Art of Manifestation is open for enrollment. Even as people were signing up, there were still a few finishing touches I wanted done to the course but didn’t necessarily want to do them myself. (Pro tip: do what you do best, hire out the rest). Before I had a chance to even THINK about who to hire, I get a text message from an amazing soul sister asking if I had a need for a virtual assistant. And boom! She was hired! She completed 4 hours of work, got paid to do it, while I was able to spend the day in Santa Barbara with my friends who were in town visiting. A win-win happened for everyone! - I manifested a VA - My VA got paid (not to mention free access to a $600 course) - The finishing touches to my course got completed (my VA nailed it!) - I was able to spend uninterrupted time with my friends who were visiting. This is the beauty of manifestation. Whether it’s manifesting a shopping spot at the store or $50,000 months or being on the Jimmy Kimmel show or being on the front page of the newspaper (all actual results from my clients and myself), IT IS ALL POSSIBLE. - Ready to think a thought and have it come true? - Ready to feel a desire and watch it appear in its fullness? - Ready to live a life where you’re always getting what you want and as a result, helping others get what they want, too? Then this course is for you. Enrollment closes Friday! Link in bio! Love you! 📸: @colbyfiles

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Support each other’s big ass dreams This week I’m part of a 5 day “Be on TV” challenge fb group, & you guys!!! The love & support for one another is unbelievable! Yesterday we had to post a video inside the group where we’re celebrating being on the TV show of our dreams as a gratitude/manifestation practice - & people’s comments on each video are AMAZING! Everyone is cheering each other on, posting comments like: - “Of course you did! You’re such a badass!” - “You’re amazing! So happy for you!” - “Wow! You’re incredible!!! - “You totally belong on TV!” And as these comments come pouring in on every single video, I just think... what if this was the norm in our culture?? What if we cheered people on in their biggest dreams? What if we rooted for people when they took leaps of faith? What if we said “Of course you will! You so got this!” when someone tells us their big, bold, audacious dream? How much faster would we accomplish our dreams? How much braver would we be? How unstoppable would we become? If we knew our family & friends had our back & completely believed in us?? This is the culture I create for my clients - but I want us to create this culture for the world at large! Let us lean in & believe that the dreams our friends have are there for a reason! Let us believe in their brilliance & badassery! Let us support them in their rising & cheer them on! Let us be the people our they thank when they’re standing on the stage & receiving their awards/accolades/nominations. Let us be part of the reason they made it! Let us normalize living by faith, taking leaps of faith, & becoming everything we’re meant to be. So my challenge to you is this: Message one person who is going after their dreams, taking leaps of faith, & THANK them for being brave & let them know you believe in them! I promise: you will make their day (& might even make them cry) so please do this! This is part of creating new culture - by BEING the change we want to see! Once you message someone, will you let me know below?? Let’s support tf out of one another!!! (Swipe to see my message to someone)  And go!!🤩🔥🙌🏾 📸: @trudgephoto

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